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Tela Network is pleased to introduce Paul Diamond LL.M. (University of Cambridge) to show how to offer legal opinion via Tela.

Please contact him via his Tela link for any questions about religious and human rights.


Paul Diamond LL.M.
Leading United Kingdom Barrister on Religious and Human Rights

UK, EU, International Law


Contact Paul Diamond on Tela:

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Paul Diamond

Paul Diamond is an independent practising barrister. He has served as Standing Counsel to the Christian Legal Centre, a sister organisation of Christian Concern until 2018. He has specialized in developing religious liberty law in the U.K. since 1988 as Standing Counsel to the Keep Sunday Special campaign.

Paul Diamond is the leading barrister on the law of religious liberty; including matters of both ethical and social conscience. He has fought some of the most important and controversial cases in both the United Kingdom and Europe; from the House of Lords to the Courts of Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

He combines his considerable strength in the field of religious liberty with his knowledge of public and European law. Paul is a specialist in European Human Rights law, EU law and certain aspects of public law.

Paul’s analytical expertise of socio-legal developments in the United Kingdom and internationally, combined with his sense of humour and blunt eloquence make him an exceptionally dynamic speaker. His counsel and strategic insight is sought out by policy makers and religious leaders.

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