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Investment Case 

Quick Summary

  • We all get too many messages.

  • Tela is a new messaging app in which every message pays you.

  • Use Tela to offer a priority contact link for easy consulting.

  • The message fee eliminates all spam.

To invest in Tela, go to:

Company Data

The Investment Case for Tela

1  |  Pain Point: Business Communication

30% of work time is spent on messaging & email.

The distraction and time loss is a significant productivity pain point.

2  |  Value Proposition: Spam Elimination

If a message has to pay a fee, spam is eliminated.

3  |  Value Proposition: Noise Reduction

Most business communication is unnecessary. It could be summarised, or not sent at all.

Free utilities are over-used.

People send too many messages because there is no charge to do so.

However, messages are not free to read. They cost effort and concentration.

Unnecessary messages have a heavy cumulative cost in the time and attention of those who can least afford it.

4  |  Value Proposition: Simple Consulting

Most experts & knowledge workers are not available to the public or even to each other, because the cost of dealing with an endless stream of unpaid messages is very high.

A message fee immediately unlocks simple, easy consulting from those whose opinions are most useful.

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