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Join Tela Network

Tela Network helps professionals protect their attention from the Internet of Noise.

Tela is a new messaging app that allows you to charge for every message that you receive.

We believe that this is the future of messaging.

Tela Network

Tela Network is a distributed consultancy.

We provide direct access to experienced advisors.

The Tela Messaging App ensures that advisors are always paid for their time.

How Tela Consultancy Works:

  • You will receive a periodic email containing new messages from clients.

  • You then log in to Tela and provide advice and guidance to the best of your abilities.

Optionally, you can publish content through the Tela Blog (, which will include your Tela contact link.

Periodically, you can request a withdrawal of your consulting fees. By default this is in crypto.

Application Process:

1)   Write a short personal profile.


Example profile:

It does not have to be very detailed. It just has to show what you do and what people might want to ask your opinion about.

2) Collect some links that showcase who you are and what you do. If you would like to include a document, please upload it to e.g. Google Drive so that you can send a link to it.


Examples: LinkedIn, CV, Instagram, personal website, technical blog, content you've created, your page on a company website, etc.

3)   Create a Tela account.


Follow the steps in this article:

4)   If you were personally invited to join by a member of Tela Network, then you can stop here. Simply send them your personal profile and link collection by the easiest communication method (e.g. WhatsApp, email).

5)   If this is a direct application, you'll need to add some credit to your Tela account.

Follow the steps in this article:

6)  Contact StJohn Piano on Tela via the following link:

Please write "Hi, I'm <your_name>, I'm applying to join Tela Network, and here is my personal profile and link collection."


Then send the profile and links.

We may ask some questions that help us to confirm your identity and skills, and to build your consulting profile.

We look forward to your application.


Best regards,

Tela Network

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