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If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please message our Investment Contact.

Investment Process

1  |  Look at the details

Please read the Investment Case for Tela.

2  |  Choose amount

Choose an amount that you're willing to invest.

We are currently issuing shares at $2.50 per share.

Minimum investment amount: $250

3  |  Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Purchase the corresponding amount of Ethereum (ETH) at the current exchange rate.

Use a trustworthy crypto exchange.

We recommend these exchanges:

- USA: Coinbase, Kraken

- UK: Solidi

4  |  Message our Investment Contact: StJohn Piano

You can contact StJohn Piano on:

Please tell him:

a) The Ethereum amount that you're investing.

b) When you will send it.

Important: Without this step, we will not be able to match your identity to your payment.

5  |  Send your investment to Tela

Here is Tela's Ethereum address:


Duplicated for confirmation:


Please send a link to the transaction ID on a block explorer to our Investment Contact.

When your transaction has been processed and converted to Tela shares, our Investment Contact will message you to confirm the number of shares that you have purchased.

Investment Process

1  |  Why not start a normal company and sell shares in it ?

Speed matters.

Blockchain is a 10-100x speedup in equity technology.

It's a civilizational shift.

We want to move as fast as possible, so we use blockchain to manage our equity.

2  |  What am I buying with my investment ?


Tela Network makes money by charging a transaction fee on its messages.

We will return profit to shareholders as dividends in Ethereum paid to their crypto address.

Network Dividends = Profit / Total Shares

3  |  How is the investment converted into shares ?

The transaction that you make is added to the Ethereum blockchain. This transaction has a timestamp.

We take the closing price of Ethereum on that day, using historical data published by NASDAQ:

We then convert the Ethereum to a USD value at that price, and divide by the share price to get the number of shares that you have purchased.

4  |  How can I check the status of my investment ?

We will publish a pseudonymized share table and send you your unique identifier. With it, you can look up your personal share total. You will also be able to see the total number of shares.

If you have a Tela account, your dividend payments will appear on your balance sheet.

5  |  What about voting rights ?

If you want to influence the future direction of Tela Network, then please

a) Join Tela Network as a consultant.


b) Message our Policy Contact Guillermo Pablos Murphy to join the Tela governance group.

Our plan is to issue Tela Governance NFTs. These will allow you to securely vote on network policy.

6  |  Will you build a token ?


The Tela Equity Token is currently under development.

When it is released, your shares will be converted directly into tokens.

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